Refund Policy

We love to help our customers in almost all the cases. We know mistakes can happen. At manufacturing level, warehouse level, at processing level or at the time when you are ordering your product.

No questions asked if;

  1. The articles is damaged;
  2. The article has any manufacturing defect;
  3. The articles is not as per described condition at the time of ordering it;
  4. The article did not arrive within the maximum business days time limit as given

Please note that you are still responsible to ship the item back to us. We are more than glad to provide you a replacement item.

Also, please contact us at : BEFORE you ship us the item in question. Depending on the value of the item, we will guide you the most suitable and efficient process to replace/return/refund. Rest assured, this process will be oriented only towards your convenience. After-all, you already waited for the product delivery and now you are bit unsatisfied!

General variability;

Please be considerate of some helpful facts such as;

  1. Color of the items can visually vary due to many reasons. Computer screen’s age and resolution is one of the biggest reason for a color variation. Please allow a general tolerance level in color of an item that you have so graciously purchased.
  2. The clothing items have an inbuilt variation of 1 to 3 cm within the same size items to cover various body types within that size range. As a guiding rule, Asian clothing sizes are 2-5 cm smaller than the US, UK, Australian and European sizes. A lot of our clothing pages have size charts.

You can refer the size charts on the following website for male and female clothing. These are just reference charts to help.

Check Men’s clothing sizes reference in detail here.      

Check Women’s clothing sizes reference in detail here.

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